Released in 1997. 10 songs, ranging in style from Rock to Pop to Blues to Ballads. 


 Side One  Side Two

 ...And All The People Said

A fun, audience participation rock & roll song.

Backsliding Blues

A jazz-blues standard about the pain of being away from God, knowing we need to get back to Him.

No Exception

A progressive rock song about our need universal for God

Enough Is Enough

An uptempo blues shuffle about the lure of money and material things.

Revival In My Heart

A mid-tempo pop song about experiencing personal spiritual renewal.

Fear Not

A powerful ballad that tells the story of the angel Gabriel's appearance to Mary.

Out Of The Comfort Zone

A contemporary ballad about reaching out beyond our own little world.


An instrumental rock arrangement of Handel's "Hallelujah" Chorus, from "Messiah".

 Beware The Whore Of Babylon

A hard rock song about the danger of sexual temptation.

Sin No More

A progressive rock epic (8 minutes!) complete with live strings and choir, about the desire to live a life free from sin.





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