Remixed and remastered from the original 1989 release. 15 songs, ranging in style from Rock to Pop to Ballads. Features 5 bonus cuts, including 2 patriotic songs written shortly after 9/11.


 Praise Medley

A three song medley, beginning with a powerful rock arrangement of "All Hail The Power", leading into "Praise Him", an uptempo rock song, and ending with a majestic rock arrangement of "Praise Ye The Lord"

Get Behind Me

An old-time rock & roll song with horns, about resisting temptation.

If You Seek Me

A thoughtful, mellow ballad, with refences to the parable of the Prodigal Son.

Your Time, Your Will, Your Way

A contemporary pop ballad about yeilding to God's will. 

In The Heat Of The Battle

A progressive rock song about battling evil.

He Is Risen Indeed

A fun worship chorus about Christ's resurrection, in a blues shuffle style.

 Work A Miracle In Me

A contemporary ballad about dealing with failure.

The Song 

A progressive rock epic about the angels singing at the birth of Christ.

 Home Again

A calypso-style pop song about returning to God, no matter where we've been.

America Rocks

A fun, uptempo, patriotic rock & roll song.

 Divine Intervention

A straight-ahead rock song about our need for God.

 Remember The Heroes

A serious power ballad celebrating Americ's heroes, espeiclly the heroes of 9/11.

 Right Now

A powerful ballad about the necessity of obedience to God.

 Your Will, Your Time, Your Way (acoustic version)

An "unplugged" arrangement of this song from the original cassette.

 Read My Lips

A fun ska song about sharing our faith.




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