Righteous Pop Music Vol. 4



The Righteous Pop Music albums (RPM for short) feature Christian lyrics written to the tune of some of your favorite secular tunes.

1. Love is a Wonderful Thing
Michael Bolton's song is now about the most wonderful love of all.
2. Walk Like a Christian
The Bangles song "Walk Like an Egyptian." Is now about people of all ages following God.
3. My God
The classic Motown song "My Girl" is now about the greatest source of joy, God.
4. Help Me Jesus
The devil's out to get you. Who do you call for help? Rhonda? No way, help me Jesus. The Beach Boys "Help Me Rhonda" takes on a Christian message. Who is Rhonda anyway?
5. His Love Will Go On
The award winning song from the film Titanic, "My Heart Will Go On," is now about the love that lasts forever, God's love.
6. Tell God About It
Billy Joel's "Tell Her About It" is now about spending time with God in prayer.
7. I Will Follow Him
The 60's classic is now about following God.
8. Payin' Your Tithe
The Bee-Gee's disco classic "Stayin' Alive" is now about giving back to God.
9. Put the Love of God in Your Heart
The classic "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" is now about filling your heart with God's love.
10. Sanctuarian Rhapsody
The Queen song "Bohemian Rhapsody" now tells the story of an average Sunday at church.




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