Righteous Pop Music  Vol. 2: TV Bible Tunes


RPM 2 takes on a different format than the other RPM albums. Rather than putting Christian lyrics to popular songs, RPM 2 features new Christian lyrics for favorite TV theme songs, both new and old.

1. He'll be There for You
This new version of the theme song from Friends is about how God is always with us.
2. The Adam Family
The classic theme from The Addams Family now tells the story of Adam and Eve.
3. Noah's Theme
The theme from Gilligan's Island now tells the story of another sea voyage, Noah's ark.
4. Abram's Green Pastures
The theme from Green Acres now tells about Abram and Lot.
5. Jacob and Esau's Theme
The theme from The Patty Duke show tells the story of the two rival brothers, Jacob and Esau.
6. Moses' Theme
Moses and Aaron are now the subject of the theme from Laverne and Shirley. They're doin' it God's way!
7. Samson's Theme
George of the Jungle's theme is now about that Biblical strongman, Samson.
8. David's Theme
The theme from Davy Crockett now tells of the saga of King David. From his days as shepherd to his days as king.
9. The Ballad of Job
The theme from The Beverly Hillbillies now tells the story of Job.
10. Elijah's Movin' on Up
In this new version of the theme from The Jeffersons Elijah's movin up to his deluxe aparment in the sky.
11. Jonah's Theme
Jonah wasn't swallowed by a dolphin, but this new version of the theme from Flipper tells Jonah's story.
12. Mary and Joseph's Theme
This new version of The Brady Bunch theme tells the story of Jesus' parents.
13. The Prodigal's Theme
The story of the prodigal son is told in this new version of the theme from "Welcome Back Kotter."
14. Peter's Theme
The theme from The Greatest American Hero tells the story of Peter walking on the water.
15. Pentecost Junction
Part of the book of Acts comes to life in this new version of the theme from Petticoat Junction.
16. Paul: Sacred Agent Man
Paul's ministry is the topic of this new version of "Secret Agent Man."
17. Hey Hey We're the Christians
The theme from The Monkees now tells about the early Christians.
18. Heavenly Streets
This song about the streets of Heaven is to the tune of the theme from Sesame Street.
19. Are You Ready for the Rapture?
This popular Monday Night Football theme tells us to be ready for the return of Jesus.
20. Where Everybody Knows Your Name
The theme from Cheers now tells of our future in Heaven.




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