Happenin' Holidays - Through The Year

This collection of songs focuses on holidays throughout the year. It includes upbeat, fun songs as well as songs with a strong message.

1. Valentine
An acoustic original song for Valentines Day, with a Christian message.
2. Easter Song
A 50's doo-wop arrangement of the song by The Second Chapter Of Acts.
3. Christ Arose
A screamin' blues rendition of the classic Easter hymn.
4. The Bunny Song
A Bunny sings about how Easter is about Jesus, not eggs!
5. Mama Said I Should Serve The Lord
A parody of the 60's hit "Mama Said There'd Be Days Lke This" for Mother's Day.
6. M-O-T-H-E-R
Two frogs sing about their love for their mothers on Mother's Day.
7. Father Of Mine
An original ballad for Father's Day.
8. Battle Hymn Boogie
An Andrews Sisters style rendition of the Battle Hymn Of The Republic. High energy and lots of fun!
9. Knockin' On My Front Door
A parody of "Lookin' Out My Back Door" by CCR, about trick-or-treaters at Halloween.

10. Turkey On My Plate

A parody of the traditional folk song, "Turkey In The Straw" a fun Thanksgiving song.

11. Thanksgiving Polka Medley
A polka medley of Thanksgiving songs. Who needs a church organ when you've got an accordian?

12. Gloria

A fun, uptempo parody of the 60's hit by the same name for Christmas.





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