A fun, light hearted, yet challenging look at the non-stop stressful world we live in. 12 songs, ranging in style from Rock to Pop to Blues to Ballads, and even some Techno!



Drive-Thru World

An uptempo techno-rock song about our busy, non-stop lives.

Good To Go

A fun, uptempo song about being ready to meet Him!

 In The House

A fun, audience participation rock & roll song. Jesus is in the house!

 Big Church

A straight ahead rock & roll song which uses children's church as a metaphor for spiritual immaturity. Time to go to big church!

Build Your House Upon The Rock

An uptempo blues shuffle based on the parable of the wise and foolish men.

Hall Of Faith

A powerful ballad based on Hebrews Chapter 11.

Remember Me

A slow, reverent communion song in an electronica style.

Dog Heaven

A whimsical acoustic song which uses a dog's devotion to its master as a metaphor for our relationship with God. Or maybe it's just a song about dogs.

Roll Away The Stone

A victorious rock & roll song about the Resurrection.

 The Light

A progressive rock epic (7:40!) about walking in God's Light.

 You Are The One

A mid tempo rock song acknowledging God as our Source.

Rest Assured

A soothing ballad about trusting God in hard times.




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